Since 2013 we’ve been creating all sorts of customer dreams, both digital and physical, including websites, mobile apps, social media content, all sorts of photography and videography, 3D modelling as well as real world sculptures, stage props, and set designs, plus all the things you’ve got in your head right now that we’ve yet to implement.

Videography & Photography

Web sites & Mobile Apps

Script Writing & Storyboards

Advertisements & Social Media

3D models & Mesh designs

Physical sculptures & Set Pieces

Creature design & Movie Props

The dream makers

Small and Nimble. But corporate.

As a small agency everything gets done fast. But with most employees coming from corporate backgrounds, that speed doesn’t get accompanied by a hap hazard workflow or laid back freelancer mindset. Projects follow structured methodology, processes, and continuous improvement objectives, just like big corporations, except without the bureaucracy and bottlenecks. Ok, there might be the odd bottle necked on Friday afternoon, after all, it’s not corporate 😋

Dax Tucker
Rainier Potgieter
Jarid Norman
Kurt Esterhuizen
Marcus Holmes
Kyle Wiesner
Caleb Kozlowski
Tarryn Mercier
Starr Esterhuizen
Lucas Reinhardt
Martin Mchale

Now what?

Now you press the email button. Let’s chat about your project that nobody else seems capable of delivering in a way that meets your tricky timing, ridiculous budget, or maddening artistic desires. The fox may yet know a different or even sneaky back-alley route to get you there 🦊