Guideline Rates

Variable by nature

Of course rates vary hugely from client to client depending on so many factors. How complex are the productions? What is the expectation of quality and performance, cinematic or social media? What are the budget constraints, realistic or impossible? How difficult or easy is the product or service to physically put into a creative context, from design brief to script, and script to final execution.

Until more detailed discussions take place, we put a placeholder number on the table. The guideline pricing is a good discussion starting point and way to gather more requirements.

Move Fast Start slow

Nobody starts a new relationship without testing things first. Do we understand the business and it’s needs. Can we deliver on time to the requirement. Is the output quality to a good enough standard. Is the project unrealistically over demanding and hugely complex. Is the client well structured and organised. So we start off with small projects and if mutually successful, grow from there.

Naturally, longer term involvement allows better business insights, knowledge, and marketing team integration, which yields ever increasing production performance.


One off projects
Small shoots
Video re-edits

US $40

Good for:
Budget shoots
Simple projects
Rate R750/hr ($40)


Bigger projects
Short adverts
Social media post
Corporate videos

US $290

Good for:
Medium projects
Rate R685/hr ($36)

Most Popular


Monthly production
Continuous content
Dedicated resource
50hrs/month min

US $1,300

Good for:
Business growth
Brand building
Rate R500/hr ($26)


Monthly production
Continuous content
Fulltime resource
180hrs/month min

US $3,950

Good for:
Business growth
Team integration
Rate R445/hr ($23)

For half days, or special one off projects, or if you need help estimating how long a more complex project will take, hit us up with a description and we’ll run the numbers.